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I had bought one for myself last year and I am so happy with it that I have got another one as a present for my best friend. I love the design and the case is very handy to carry it around, specially to the gym. It keeps the water cool for hours and it doesnt get any bad smell.I must say I have never used it to keep hot drinks. I highly recomend this product

Hi A, thanks for the lovely review, so pleased you are happy with your bottle. What a lovely present to give your friend! Jenny x
Best drinking bottle ever!

I've tried some different styles and materials drinking bottles so far - made from plastic and metal as well. The plastic ones used to break after a smallest drop + water used to get warm immediately, even when it's not extremely hot outside. The metal one used to have unpleasant taste no matter how many times I've washed it. Also, it still couldn't keep my water cold. When decided to buy a larger one (750ml instead of 500ml), I've spent a lot of time searching for the best option - quality, design and price. This bottle is even better than I could expected! No metal taste, water stays incredibly cold for 12 hours (perhaps even for more, though haven't tried to keep it that long), easy to wash, stylish yet minimal design (special bottle sleeve is another amazing add on - it protects the bottle from scratches and has a ergonomic handle to carry it with you), and no leakage at all, even when bottle travels in horizontal position. A little bit heavy though, but it's completely understandable because of the size and material. If by any chance I'll need another drinking bottle in the future, definitely gonna buy this one again. Strongly recommend!

Love it

Particularly love the bottle jacket/handle which makes it so easy to carry around. Took it on holiday with me and ended up being a beach lifesaver as there was always ice cool water on hand. There's a surprising number of places to fill your bottle up these days - so really there's no excuses!

Hi M, great to hear you had ice cold water on the beach in style! Best wishes, Jenny x

Gorgeous great quality

Aren't they just?! So handy too! Meg x
Ice cold water all day long!

This bottle has been a total life saver in this insane heatwave. I fill it up with ice cold water in the morning and that's how it stays all day long. Such an essential item when out for the whole day in this heat because you can rely on a properly cold drink, even later in the afternoon, and without having to go and buy a cold PLASTIC bottle of water from the shop. Everyone's a winner.

So glad you love the bottle, Laura! They are ideal for these sunny days and keeping hydrated on the tube etc. And no plastic involved! Meg x

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