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Paws Yoga Mat in Black

Crafted from high grade, eco friendly, natural rubber - The Paws mat will take you on the yoga ride of your life. Grip on tight! The mat is super velvety to touch and the ultra grip technology kicks in when it reaches contact with moisture so don't be scared to get sweaty. The anti-slip bottom keeps you steady throughout all movements.


  • Works well when comes in contact with moisture 
  • Anti-slip technology 
  • Thin and easy to roll & carry
  • Luxurious velvety touch

Dimensions: 180cm x 66cm, the thickness is 4mm.

Weight: 2.5kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Better investment than anticipated

Mat of my dreams! The grip is fabulous. No slip! The padding is a cozy thickness for inversions as well as shivasana. Sturdy yet giving. The matte black color contrasts with the intricate, lightly textured patterns for a perfect style and easy alignment. Also, my dog's fur usually gets all over my mats. Not the case with this mat. I can simply blow the fur off. That was a bonus I didn't expect. I am more than pleased, I am impressed.

My Gym Wardrobe has beaten all expectations. All Of my questions were immediately answered. Once I decided this was the mat for me, My Gym Wardrobe had sold out. But, I was already hooked to their customer service. They contacted me as soon as these gorgeous mats were back in stock. Then, they shipped the mat off the very next morning. Amazing customer service, efficient, and great shipping rate! My mat arrived here in USA in beautiful condition. Thank you My Gym Wardrobe for having such wonderful people on your team!

Oh wow - thank you Kat! What an absolutely lovely review, we really appreciate it and we're so happy that you're happy with the customer service and products we sell. The Paws Mat is a best seller and we can see why! We hope to see you again soon. Meg x
Brilliant mat

Love it! No more fear of hands slipping and face planting! My only criticism is that there’s no carrying bag and at that price I think one could have been included - most mats seem to come with a bag so finding one is restricted! But the. At is lovely!

So glad you love The Yogi Bare products! Not face planting the mat is always an added bonus. We'll pass your comments on to Kat who owns Yogi Bare. Meg x
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