October 09, 2019 1 min read

Exercise can seem like an unachievable goal when you're feeling unwell. And feeling guilty about not doing exercise can simply contribute to this feeling. It's important to only tackle exercise when you're in the right head space to do so, but once you do, there are many great benefits. 

BETTER SLEEP - you'll feel more tired and get a better quality of sleep.

BETTER MOODS - exercise releases endorphins that make you feel more positive and give you more energy.

STRESS MANAGEMENT - exercise releases cortisol which helps us manage stress.

HEAD SPACE - focusing on exercise can become a positive coping strategy. 

SELF ESTEEM - Progression and achieving golas and create better self-esteem.

REDUCE DEPRESSION - Doing regular physical activity can help reduce the likelihood of periods of depression.

MEETING PEOPLE - Working in a team or doing group activities can create new friendships.

In June this year we ran a MGW workshop with Chevy Rough. He talked about the tools you need to keep moving, not only in the gym, but through life. He delved into the two way relationship between physiology and psychology. We received some fantastic feedback from this event and we will be looking to do more in the future. 

We are offering 15% off today as our way of trying to help raise awearness. We believe feeling confident in the gym can help overcome barriers to exercise, it may only be small but we believe that together we can all make a difference.

Use code FEELGOOD15 to get 15% off on World Mental Health Day, Thursday 10th October 2019. 

Code Valid until Sunday 13th October 2019.

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