The Festival 101

June 21, 2018 4 min read

The Festival 101

The Festival 101 

Wading knee deep though mud, sleeping in half collapsed tents and trying to limit the number of portaloo visits are why we all just LOVE the festival season. The feeling of getting back to nature and channeling our inner Boho, with copious amounts of face glitter, is what we all need for a weekend of escapism. So with Summer finally upon us (hurrah!), we’re here to give you the essential MGW festival low down to surviving a weekend of fun and frolics.

1.  Always opt for a bigger tent - just like an oversized hoodie, tents are always best the next size up. If there are 2 of you, go for the 3 man tent. That way there’s more space for your collection of MGW outfits. There’s a great selection of tent to suit all party sizes and budgets at Argos

2. The early bird catches the worm – or a decent camping spot in this case. If arriving by car you’ll avoid car park queues and will probably be parked nearer the camp site which means less time spent lugging your huge overnight bag (make sure it’s waterproof!) and tent.

3. Location, location, location - If you paid attention to point number two you should hopefully have some choice about where to set up camp. You need to be close enough to the loos to find them in the dark but not close enough to smell them. We advise to stray from the path; nobody wants a drunken visitor falling on their tent at 5am. `Also, remember to camp uphill to avoid any potential swamp-like situations.

4. Preparation - Look at YouTube to see how to pitch your tent BEFORE you go. It’s harder than it looks and some ‘camp joker’ will probably run away with your instructions before you’ve had a chance to peek. And don’t forget the duct tape! It’s easy to snap a tent pole (or get a gaping hole in your favourite wellies).

5. X marks the spot - Remember; you need to mark your tent. It will be hard to sniff out your Argos Value Tent in a sea of them. We’re not talking a Union Jack flag, you’ll need to get creative. 

6. The alcohol holder (aka the number one essential!) - After smuggling your goods in mouthwash bottles or finally making use of the Camelbak you’ve never used, you’ll need a jazzy reusable to mix your gin and tonic. Plus it’s better for the environment ,which you know; everyone cares about when they’re 6 drinks in…  

7. Pack for the unpredictable British weather - Shorts and quick dry leggings are a better idea than jeans or other cotton fabrics, skin dries quicker than most material and nobody wants to be soggy all day! See our Festival Edit of groovy essentials and suggestions; vest tops to hoodies to rain jackets. Don’t forget the sun cream, a MGW cap and your wellies. You can find seriously cool wellieshere

8. Spending a penny - Nobody likes a portaloo. If the Imodium has failed you and you didn’t bring a SheWee it’s inevitable: You’re going in! Prepare yourself. Arm yourself with spray to mask the smell and keep a pack of tissues or wet wipes in your bag. Time your wee breaks and try not to break the seal too early. Don’t make the school boy error of drinking too much before your favourite band.

9.  Cash is King - Most festivals have ATMs but they generally come with a big old queue. Remember to get yours beforehand. It’ll stop you from spending a fortune too; we all know what we’re like when we’ve had a drink… There’s only so many rounds of drinks you can buy before bankruptcy.

10. Nobody wants to be a loner - Make sure you create a meeting point for your lost pals. Instagram takes priority over battery life which is probably why your friend can’t get hold of you. Food vans, noticeable signs and flags are ideal spots.

11. Don’t forget…

                      a. Portable charger 
                      b. Mini first aid kit 
                      c. Torch 
                      e. Bin bags (they make great make shift seats!)
                      f. Your ticket!


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