Liveing the Dream

September 17, 2017

Liveing the Dream

Meet Alice Liveing

Alice Liveing is a health and well-being force to be reckoned with and fast becoming a household name. Thanks to her three best-selling recipe and fitness books, her positive strength-focused work outs and healthy meal posts she has earned herself a respectful 600K following own Instagram. Formerly known as @cleaneatingalice, she has recently switched to her surname @aliceliveing. A pretty handy birth name we'd say! 

The first thing you notice when meeting Alice are her startling blue eyes, then her smile; big and honest with perfect white teeth. The personal trainer may be pint sized, yet her ambitions and drive are anything but. Her energy is infectious and she talks at a million miles an hour and speed walks everywhere.   

Wise beyond her 24 years, Alice values honesty and integrity above all else. Values that clearly run through all her channels. (You won't see any gratuitous butt or cleavage shots here). Her philosophy is training and fuelling for a healthy body and mind; for life. Her aim is to spread inspiring knowledge and tools to help others make positive changes: The perfect fit for our first My Gym Wardrobe ambassador.

Alice's Journey

It all started when Alice was a student: She developed unhealthy habits that had knock on effects; bad complexion, constant fatigue and generally feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. 'I decided to overhaul my whole approach to eating and exercise,' reveals Alice. ' I started photographing and posting my breakfast on Instagram everyday. The response was amazing,' She started weight training which quickly became a passion so she decided to qualify as a personal trainer. Her Insta account went stratospheric.

We caught up with Alice over a coffee with almond foam...

You recently transitioned from @Clean Eating Alice to @Alice Liveing?

I genuinely thought it would be more of a tricky transition, but it has been seamless and I'm so happy that people have been enjoying the new branding. I did have to post out quite a few times though that the 'e' in Liveing isn't actually a spelling mistake.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

To treat everyone how you want to be treated. I will never forget who I was when I started my Instagram journey, compared to who I am now. Also, my favourite saying is, 'Never a failure, always a lesson.' I always try to take all the negatives, turn them into a lesson and see the positive that comes out of it.

What's you food philosophy?

I'm really passionate about people eating what they enjoy and not feeling any restrictions with food. It is so important to me to allow myself the freedom to eat what I want. I think it's important to be realistic and remember that sticking to a specific diet 100% of the time is not manageable and the stress of that could result in problems. I'm mindful about my choices and eat in moderation. I normally base my meals around a central protein, then add loads of veggies and some carbohydrate. Treat foods are just that. 

Talking of eating...What's your favourite restaurant at the moment?

I love Pacha Mumma, I think it's amazing. I'm a massive fan of Roka. Malibu Kitchen at the Ned is good. Oh and Ahi Poke is really good. There's so much choice here in London.

Talking of eating...What's your favourite restaurant at the moment?

I love Pacha Mumma, I think it's amazing. I'm a massive fan of Roka. Malibu Kitchen at the Ned is good. Oh and Ahi Poke is really good. There's so much choice here in London.

What's one thing people probably wouldn't know about you?

I pretty much tell people everything. One thing people may not know is that I'm Jewish.

What's your workout playlist or song that you're currently obsessed with?

 'I've got quite a few, but my most recent favourite is Shaka, ‘Rolling’

What are your three 'must follow’ Instagram accounts?

@mygymwardrobe obviously! It has inspired more than a few outfit choices. Also, I follow...

@rhitrition I think she gives very sensible nutrition advice, that is so important to know and understand.

@adrianne_ldn Adrienne is awesome, her little boy is so gorgeous and she's a mega girl boss.

@clairesanderson I really admire Clare; she is Women’s Health editor and is super inspirational. She's got two kids, she commutes from Winchester everyday. She comes and trains with me at 7am, giving her absolute all. Then goes to work all day and still manages to get home for kids bedtime.

Those three woman perfectly represent MGW, as they are not all about 'the gram', they are living real life and giving it their all.Talking about living... what are the last three things you bought?

 A protein shake from Third Space, my tube fare and a blow dry!

 Are you a chip nicker?

Yes! Only because I like to survey if every place has good chips!

What would be your one super power?


What are your personality peeves?

Lying or dishonesty.

Where do you see yourself in 25 years?

Hopefully to be as happy and healthy as I am now. Still with my boyfriend Patrick, and maybe living in the country. 

Follow Alice @aliceliveing

Books: Clean Eating Alice Every Day Fitness (2017) ; Eat Well Every Day (2016) ; The Body Bible (2016)

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