Choosing the Right Sports Bra

March 01, 2022 3 min read

Choosing the Right Sports Bra

Sports bras are like a pair of  jeans; it’s the holy grail to find the right one, but when you do, you wear them until they are faded and holey. 

So, what should you be looking for?  It’s not rocket science to know that if you are doing high impact activities you will need a high support bra... and if you are doing low impact activities you’ll need... yes, you’ve got it.  Your boobs are only supported by 2 week structures – the skin itself and ligaments knows as Cooper’s Ligaments. Left unsupported your boobs can bounce up to 14cm during exercise which can damage and stretch these delicate structures.  And if that’s not enough to convince you to invest I a good bra, a study conducted by the University of Portsmouth showed that women can lose up to 4 cm of stride length due to poorly supported boobs whilst running, that’s half a kilometre over 10km.


What to look for in Medium and High Impact Sports Bra

Wide shoulder straps and/or adjustable straps are ideal for higher impact activities.  The extra width allows the supports to encompass the whole width of your boob and also spreads the pressure across your shoulder as these bras should be a snug fit and really hug the body.  A racer style back is the best style for medium to high support bras as again this spreads the support evenly.


When choosing a Sports Bras - WhatsApp us on 07973 861996 and tell us your normal UK bra size, your usual UK dress size the name of the sports bras you are looking at and we will tell you which size to try. 


Fitting a sports bra.

  1. It should be more snug then a regular bra
  2. Take some deep breaths, is it constricting your breath? Or are you able to breath deeply?. It should not restrict deep breathing. 
  3. Raise your arms in the air, did the underbust band move? It should stay put, if it moves tray a smaller size
  4. Is there any bulging above the bra? Or any bulging by your underarm?  If there is try a bigger size.
  5. Is there any wrinking of the material or gaps? If there is you need a smaller size.
  6. Check there is nothing rubbing or chafing around the armholes, around the straps or on any seams or the clasps at the back.
  7. Final step – jump up and down, jog on the spot, run up the stairs (if you have them). Does it feel supportive? If it doesn’t you need to keep looking.


Caring for your sports bra.

Please read our article about How to Wash Your Sportwear but in a nut shell – cold wash, below 20 degrees, NOT 30 degrees,  don’t use fabric conditioner, don’t tumble dry. Also don’t use Sports Wash cycles. Lots of don’ts!

A good sports bra should keep its shape and support for around 72 washes.  Once the fabric or band starts to loosen, you are losing support.  I have sports bras that are 3 years old, but because I only wear then once or twice a month and I wash them with care they are still in great shape.  I also have a favourite running bra (Cassall’s High Impact Bra) that I wear twice a week, sometimes more, so I replace it every year as I don’t want to damage my boobs and all the wear and washing will affect the support level, even if I can’t visibly see or feel it.

Running and High Intensity

  • Cassall High Impact Sports Bra,
  • Lorna Janes Compress & Compact Sports Bra
  • Lorna Janes The One Sports Bra,
  • Casall Iconic Sports Bra

HIIT, Gymwork, Spinning and Boxing

  • Varley’s Fay Sports Bra
  • Any Lilybod bra with thick straps
  • Lorna Jane Venom Longline Bra
  • Koral Kingley Sports Bra
  • P.E Nation Courtside Bra
  • Any L’URV bra

Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Weight Training

  • The Upside bras
  • Varley’s Irena Bra
  • Varley’s Basset Bra
  • Aurum Wild Bra
  • Korals Norah Bra
  • All Fenix Madison Bra
  • Any Lilybod bra with thin straps

Everyday bras

  • Body Languages Tate Sports Bra
  • Varley Kellam Bra


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