11 Quotes To Get Stuff Done

January 19, 2018

11 Quotes To Get Stuff Done

I love a good inspirational quote. The power beautifully encapsulated in a handful of words weaved together is awesome. I take them for what they are.

They won’t change your life. But these statements are like a kick of badass-ness. Go-getter punchline. Freshly baked doughnuts. Give me some quality, straight-talking, laugh-out-loud, do-what-it-says-on-the-tin quotes and pizazzzz: instant joy!

These are 11 of my favourite inspirational quotes.
They will make you want to get sh*t done, get your a** over to that workout or just crack you up -scientifically proven to release happiness hormones. And remind you that it’s totally fine if you can’t do it and would much rather have the doughnut instead.

This one is a good place to start:

Some of the best fitness quotes are gloriously un-fitness-y:

"I have 99 problems and I’m going to the gym to ignore them all." I'll hang out by the squat rack and take selfies instead.

Have you ever noticed how there's always a bakery next to the fitness studio?

"Where is this kitchen that everyone says makes abs?" Do they also make the bums?

The real reason why you should be yourself

"Fake it till you make it." Very useful when everyone seems to know the routine and you're the only one who forgot the dumbbells outside.

Reality check. Here's a reminder before considering the next fad diets:

Sometimes it's not rocket science.

The good news is that "Good things come to those who sweat." Fact.

This next one is perfect when you need a reminder not to grow up:

And just before you go:


That Fitster is an award winning Healthy Food and Fitness Blogger and mum of 3 living in London. After baby#3 was born she was a big, fat, energy depleted mess (her words not ours!) and had a serious wake-up call –it was time to get her act together! Healthy food and fitness changed her life. Now on the other side of 35 she feels stronger and healthier than ever! Check out her fun packed, balanced take on a healthy lifestyle including fitness tips, healthy food, awesome activewear and travels! 

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